aurora natural gradien brown dyed bifold
aurora amber gradient

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This is an artwork born from the admiration of the majestic dark sky, brushed with the colors mother nature has provided.

A beauty that rarely seen by most people. Along with the occurrence of the majesty, our brilliant idea was born to create something that can relieve your mind. Make the work you usually buy into something more valuable. Process are carried out for a long time of exploration, because it took a lot of effort, precision and great patience to achieve the beauty that is equivalent to expectations. With a mix on every element on earth, we merge something solid with another soft element like natural dye which made under appropriate supervision ion order to get the aesthetic issue. So that can be an instance that rhymes with the aurora’s sky.

Material Description:
- 4 Oz leather Natural Brown Dyed Gradient Pattern hand dye technique for exterior
- Calfskin leather for interior
- Italian waxed linen thread
- Hand-Stitched
- Burnished edge


- Short Bi-fold
- Six streamline pattern cards slot and one money slot
- "Thumb Post" for easy to open the money slots
- Two hidden pockets
- Three-quarters stitched hidden slots
- Morrisey & Co. logo embossed on the interior
- Cattleya Orchid logo embossed on the exterior

Dimensi Pengiriman: 11 x 8 x 2 cm
Berat Pengiriman: 0.50 kg

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By : IrgiSyarif
06 Jul 2017

Got strucked hard with this product. The packaging is insanely beautiful. Truly authentic masterpiece from Indonesian leather artist. Keep up the good work and product. Totally satisfied with Morrisey & Co. dan Marketplays.

Morrisey & Co.

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