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Christmas Tree candles.

1 set contains 5 candles. Measurements are for individual candles. These candles from Kaminari are the finishing touches for your festive home decor, or alternatively will sit snugly on your Christmas cake this year. It is the perfect topping on a simple cake, yet also blends in amongst complex festive icings.

Before burning, please cut the wick right below the snowy top (white wax sphere on the wick above the candle). These candles can burn up to 20 minutes, however it is advisable not to burn until the bottom.

As our products are handmade, size and appearance of products may vary from the published product photos and description. We package our wax goods well for shipment and are not responsible for minor damage of goods during shipping (eg. slight chipping). Used candles cannot be refunded.

Dimensi Pengiriman: 3.5 x 4 x 5 cm
Berat Pengiriman: 0.10 kg

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Handcrafted for your leisure days; each candle is designed with thoughtfulness towards your unique aesthetic and olfactory experience, and humble luxury.

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