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Our product philosophy is to keep things simple and focus on functionality. Max 12 cards, money slot up front, quick draw slots on the back.

Beaverhead No.2 are actually No.1 wrapped with an outter shell so it can hold more cards without adding more size to it. provide three different compartments to keep everything straight along with two quick access pockets on the front and back for the most frequently used cards. this is the definition of refined simplicity! strikes a perfect balance between minimalism and carrying capacity. with the ability to holds up to 12 cards its the best way to taking your everyday carry gears to the next level backed with life time durability and timeless aesthetics.

All Handcrafted: Handcut, Hand dye, Hand Burnished with wood slicker and even sewn by hand following the famous saddle-stitching method for maximum durability and the sake of aesthetic merits

Materials: Kasin Leather (Top Grade Finest Indonesia Leather)

Available in 2 options: Calfskin Leather (for patina) and Coated-

Dye: Fiebing's Leather Oil Dye

Top Coat: Fiebing's Carnauba Creme (Protective Wax Finish)

Threads: Flat Waxed Thread

What are you buying here are goods that build to be bought once, all items are guaranteed for life time! If something brake we'll repair it, replace it if we can't. The only exception is negligence -our lifetime warranty does not cover scars (animal bites, chop saws or road kiss), roller coaster ejection, tipsy car ride and et cetera.

Dimensi Pengiriman: 9.7 x 7 x 0 cm
Berat Pengiriman: 0.25 kg

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