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he Doctrine philosophy is MOAB, taken from the USA military weapons code; Mother of All Bombs, one of strongest weapons in the world, in terms of mass destruction. Our MOAB is not an atomic bomb or any other forms of war technology, but a game media used as propaganda. Propaganda can turn something into wrong, good becomes bad and vice versa. Propaganda was also used to bury the truth in a secret place. Propaganda made nowadays is a "medicine" imposed on humans to consume through movies, news, television, Internet and other medias. The result of such propaganda is the Doctrine that changed human understanding in accordance with the propaganda of consumption.

We want to create awareness in the community itself, especially in our target market and the media propaganda that the game was actually done by the stakeholders. Value, or the message we give through our products, acts as an opinion or judgment of our perspectives and beliefs.
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hoodie, jacket, apparel

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t-shirt, kaos, apparel R.I.P. T-SHIRT

t-shirt, kaos, apparel

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