IMAJI Studio

Jakarta Pusat, DKI Jakarta
IMAJI Studio was created to embody the soul of wabi-sabi, which is a Japanese aesthetic that acknowledges the beauty of imperfection in handmade objects.

Originally inspired by traditional methods of Batik dyeing, we use natural dyes and quality fabric choices. By using plants native to Indonesia, we minimize negative effects on waste dumping that often occurred when using artificial fabric dyes.

IMAJI is organic, raw, and natural. Every weaving and dyeing process is done by hand with the help of local artisans therefore every piece owned is a creation.
Laporkan Store Kirim Pesan
Top Bell Top in Glacier


Rp 835.000,-

Skirt Fringe Skirt in Glacier


Rp 835.000,-

Jumpsuit Cross Jumpsuit in Glacier


Rp 1.250.000,-

Cargo Pants Unisex Cargo Pants

cargo pants

Rp 785.000,-

Scarf Small Scarf in Banbu


Rp 975.000,-

Scarf Small Scarf in Sensu


Rp 475.000,-

Pinafore Cullotte Pinafore Cullotte in Mist

pinafore cullotte

Rp 1.250.000,-

Crop Top Fringe Crosstop

crop top

Rp 395.000,-

Dress Shirt Dress Shirt in Autumn

dress shirt

Rp 1.595.000,-

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